15 aprile 2018 - Mir

Indigo & its palette according to us

Here we are today with some palettes we love: from absolute blue to Quintessenza pink.


29 marzo 2018 - Mir

*Blue cookies & Co.

Who said again that blue is not a good color for cookies?





19 marzo 2018 - Mir

How coffee works*

And after a very extensive research we came up with the following answer to the widely debated question «How does coffee work?»



29 gennaio 2018 - Eloise

A blue pearl called Chefchaouen.

Here follows an article published by ELLE DECOR Italy about Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of north Africa.


#MOGICOFFEE loves bue

Is it possible to get lost in a seascape, staying in the heart of Morocco? If by sea we mean a poetic amalgam of infinite shades of blue, the answer is absolutely yes and there is also the perfect place to do it: the city of Chefchaouen, the “blue pearl” of the Rif.

Between the narrow streets of this inhabited center founded in 1400 by Andalusian exiles, Muslims and Jews, in fact, everything is blue, from the walls to the shop signs, from the doors to the steps of the streets, from the sky to the taxi cabs. It is not known whether this is due to ancient Jewish traditions, a lively expedient to remove insects, a colorful trick to keep the rooms cool and calm the mind or a tribute to the importance of water, but it does not matter because the result it is a suggestive city-painting unique in the world.









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12 ottobre 2017 - Mir

Books we love*

What could we be more proud of our recent partnership with Edizioni Black Coffee? It is a win win: pairing our love for coffee together with our love for books! So, starting from now, we will have the pleasure to suggest you something we really really really had enjoyed reading so that you can read it too!


“Lions” by Bonnie Nazdam is our book of choice for this week!

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9 ottobre 2017 - Mir

Still life of a cup of coffee with croissant

Still life of a cup of coffee with croissant is the new Monnalisa… According to us.


Cup of our blends (Lady Blue and “Blue”) with a delicious croissant.


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