21 agosto 2017 - Mir

L’eclissi totale solare*

Prepariamoci! Oggi dalle ore 17:46 italiane e si concluderà alle 23:04 italiane si potrà assistere all’eclisse totale solare! Sarà un evento eccezionale, visibile soprattutto negli Stati Uniti, l’Europa infatti è solo marginalmente interessata ma via streaming sarà possibile godere di questo fenomeno della natura!

La cromosfera del sole è blu!
Credit: Alan Friedman

La cromosfera del sole è blu!
Credit: Alan Friedman

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15 agosto 2017 - Mir


And today, we are enjoying the FERIAE AUGUSTI (Augustus’ Holiday) that is celebrated in Italy since the Roman Empire.


The Vintage Festival (1870)
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

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11 agosto 2017 - Eloise


Being inspired by art and graphic design to create Mogi’s world – aka Brand Identity – is such a natural creative process.

Dots in particular is one my beloved pattern which I had the chance to develop on the new packaging. I’m as well inspired by the art I come across during my work. In this case I’ve designed two collages, homage to 2 awesome artists, different in a way, but they do have something in common.  Edward Hopper /Tracey Sylvester Harris.

If we’ve tickled your curiosity and sensibility you may  click here to check out all the other works by artists Tracey Sylvester Harris. Just brilliant.



Homage to Edward Hopper’s detail painting.


Homage to Tracey Sylvester Harris – #contemporary art.




T.S. Harris

T.S. Harris

T.S. Harris

T.S. Harris




10 agosto 2017 - Mir


And tonight, after looking at the falling stars, why don’t we pick our zodiac sign and we start embroidering it?  It’s easy and for who’s not quite familiar with needle and thread here’s a little help from MiniatureRhino.

All Photo Credits: Miniature Rhino.


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1 agosto 2017 - Mir

Iced coffee according to us*

 It’s hot. Let’s have a Mogi’s signature iced coffee!


28 luglio 2017 - Mir

Blue door: welcome to the infinite

Because we all need a blue door to open and get back in touch with our souls.







Bow Bar Edinburgh
Credit: Eh1.com


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