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*International coffee day – 29th September

venerdì, settembre 26th, 2014

So it’s our party. Yes, we are going to celebrate this year too the “International Coffee Day” even if in Italy none knows! As a matter of fact the celebration is quite popular in a handful of countries* but not in the hometown of espressos.

We don’t really know who started it but here’s some trivia

  • Black coffee with no additives contains no calories (what can we want more?)
  • Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world, oil is the largest.
  • There are two types of coffee plants, Arabica and Robust.
  • Espresso Coffee has just one third of the caffeine content of a cup of regular coffee.
  • There is no such bean as a Flavored bean, coffee is flavored after roasting with artificial flavored oils.
  • Both the American Revolution and the French Revolution were plotted in coffee houses.
  • In 1822, the first espresso machine was made in France (but the first commercial and automatic  espresso machine was made and invented in Italy by Dr. Ernest Illy).
  • It takes five years for a coffee tree to reach full maturity, coffee trees can live up to 100 years old (who knew?)
  • In Africa coffee beans are soaked in water mixed with spices and served as candy to chew (we’ve got to try this one.)
  • Coffee in the United States is only grown in Hawaii and Puerto Rico (someone has to tell US that Puerto Rico is not US…).
  • In 1675 Charles II, King of England issued a proclamation banning Coffee Houses. He stated Coffee Houses were places where people met to plot against him (therefore nowadays  plotters  meet into social network related to coffee? Beaware of us :-)
  • In Italy, espresso is considered so essential to daily life that the price is regulated by the government.

P.S. if you stop in our hometown Bergamo, visit us and we’ll offer you an espresso!

*(China, Australia,  Denmark, Brazil, Norway, Costa Rica, Ireland, Mongolia, Germany, Canada, England, New Zealand, USA, Ethiopia, Hungary, Malaysia, Sweden, Japan, Austria, Romania, Philippines, Taiwan and even Nepal but no Italy, can you believe it?)

some trivia in infographic

some trivia in info graphic

#lesson 01 – How to make a nice coffee with a Moka

mercoledì, settembre 24th, 2014

What do you need to make a good Italian coffee?

Schermata 2014-09-24 a 09.32.35

Schermata 2014-09-24 a 09.32.47

Schermata 2014-09-24 a 09.32.59

* drinking a coffee with style

domenica, settembre 21st, 2014

And yes, even when we drink coffee we do like doing it with a little bit of style.  It’s part of our culture, it’s part of who we are.  Either we are drinking and espresso standing at the bar or having a moment of relax doing it at home, we do like complete the moment with a little bit of style.  It could be just a flower on the tray, it could be how we are dressed for the occasion, it could be the cup we choose to drink on… it’s the Italian Lifestyle!  Even if is is be done by French, Swedish, or Spanish:  we started it!

So, during a lazy Sunday afternoon, just enjoy these vintage pictures!

*Life alla moda

lunedì, settembre 15th, 2014

It is quite common going to New York or just anywhere in U.S.A. and write a memoir, a blog, or even a subject for a movie but it’s quite rare for us witnessing the other way around. Apparently the New York Magazine, bored out by its correspondents or simply curious about a real Italian «experience» (not dated back to the ’60s or involving Sophia Loren or Marcello Mastroianni!), sent to Italy the journalist Alyssa Shelasky to spent here a whole month, reporting facts, data, and trivia on her blog.

We are happy to read that her first post was about coffee!

Let’s hope she will keep on writing good articles on our real lifestyle and culture and not all the trashy clichés we are so used to read, hear, and even watch lately in the movies (Letter to Juliet or even To Rome with Love anyone?).

Now, let’s go and have a coffee!