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venerdì, luglio 15th, 2016

In qualità di artD sono alla continua ricerca – processo molto stimolante e fondamentale per noi di Mogi – di artisti, oggetti e mood che rispecchiano a volte anche indirettamente la nostra visione di bellezza.


Per la serie#MogiIsBlue #MogiLovesBlue ho trovato questo artista KIM JOON che lavora frammenti di porcellana a cui applica grafiche e segni come tatoos. Qui un estratto dal sito che meglio spiega la sua tecnica:

“Korean artist Kim Joon fabricates images of fragments of hollow porcelain that resemble nude bodies. Through a painstaking digital process, Kim coats the anthropomorphic forms in bold patterns from ceramic brands such as Villeroy & Boch, Herend, and Royal Copenhagen. What results are deceptively convincing surfaces complete with reflection and shadows.



According to Kim tattoos are not only physical inscriptions on the body but also signifiers of mental impressions left on the consciousness. Alluding to society’s weakness for material objects, Kim’s tattoo imagery reflects our obsessions and deep-seated attachments. The artist’s exploration of tattoos stems from his experiences tattooing his peers while in the Korean military. In his earliest works, Kim grappled with the notion of tattoos as socially taboo in Korean society. He created sculptures that mimicked tattooed portions of flesh. Using water-based markers, he embellished latex-coated sponges, creating anonymous parts divorced from the human form. In recent years, Kim’s work has neatly overturned the negative connotations surrounding tattoos in Korea. In his hands, not only do tattoos reflect social habits and desires but they’re also a vehicle for transforming the body into a highly aestheticized object.”




We love blue

martedì, luglio 12th, 2016

Blue MOGIcaffè







Ice creams & Ice lollies!

giovedì, luglio 7th, 2016

Rinfreschiamoci gli occhi e il palato! MogiCaffè vi augura buona estate!

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Ice creams & lollipops