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Still life of a cup of coffee with croissant

lunedì, ottobre 9th, 2017

Still life of a cup of coffee with croissant is the new Monnalisa… According to us.


Cup of our blends (Lady Blue and “Blue”) with a delicious croissant.

What about a cup of coffee in a golden cup?*

venerdì, agosto 25th, 2017

You all know we love exceptional design and out of the box ideas and that is why we love so much our Golden polka dots “Golden Sky” coffee cup and saucer!  We think it is the perfect one to drink our coffee.

Since the decor is 100% hand made by artist Paola Francesca Denti we have just a few of them, and if you’d like it to be yours just write an e-mail to m.cavalleri [AT]


venerdì, agosto 11th, 2017

Being inspired by art and graphic design to create Mogi’s world – aka Brand Identity – is such a natural creative process.

Dots in particular is one my beloved pattern which I had the chance to develop on the new packaging. I’m as well inspired by the art I come across during my work. In this case I’ve designed two collages, homage to 2 awesome artists, different in a way, but they do have something in common.  Edward Hopper /Tracey Sylvester Harris.

If we’ve tickled your curiosity and sensibility you may  click here to check out all the other works by artists Tracey Sylvester Harris. Just brilliant.



Homage to Edward Hopper’s detail painting.


Homage to Tracey Sylvester Harris – #contemporary art.




T.S. Harris

T.S. Harris

T.S. Harris

T.S. Harris



Iced coffee according to us*

martedì, agosto 1st, 2017

 It’s hot. Let’s have a Mogi’s signature iced coffee!


martedì, maggio 16th, 2017


Mogi is used to travel around the world for business: New York, Dubai, Paris..Twice a year we fly to the Far East, and let’s say that Hong Kong is becoming our second home. We love its architecture, culture and history …and we are delighted to say that Hong Kong loves our coffee.


You know that MOGICAFFE loves the art and graphic design world.

Here follows some awesome visual tributes about this beautiful city. Enjoy.



A sparkling MOGI welcomes 2017!

sabato, gennaio 7th, 2017

2016 Has been a successful year. We’ve developed and enriched our Luxury Coffe Collection with delightful new products and collaborated with prestigious brands connected to luxury lifestyle, fashion and design.