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August Blues*

giovedì, agosto 31st, 2017

It has officially been proven now that August-existentialist anxiety and depression are a real thing–as the New York magazine reported— but we prefer to think about how many names and shades the color blue has, it cheers us up! Try it!



For the Italian version of the article click here

L’infinito Blu* di Gio Ponti

mercoledì, agosto 23rd, 2017

Dove il cielo ed il mare si fondono nasce la sensazione di blu infinito che, il maestro dell’architettura, Gio Ponti ha interpretato in una collezione studiata ad hoc per il celebre hotel Parco dei Principi di Sorrento a cavaliere tra gli anni ’50 e ’60.

Ceramiche 20×20, la cui produzione, compiuta a mano fa sotto la guida di Ponti, sono state riproposte al grande pubblico le originali 27 maioliche grazie a Triennale di Milano, ed al meraviglioso catalogo stampato da Edizioni Paguro.

Ph. Credit: Triennale Milano.

Maioliche “Blu Ponti”.

Disegno originale di Gio Ponti, Decoro Tipo 13.

Gio Ponti, i pattern.

Mostra alla Triennale di Milano, ph. credits Gianluca Di Ioia.

L’infinito blu, AAVV, Edizioni Paguro 2017.

Gio Ponti, ritratto.

Dettaglio, maioliche Gio Ponti.

Triennale di Milano – L’infinito Blu, allestimento.


venerdì, agosto 11th, 2017

Being inspired by art and graphic design to create Mogi’s world – aka Brand Identity – is such a natural creative process.

Dots in particular is one my beloved pattern which I had the chance to develop on the new packaging. I’m as well inspired by the art I come across during my work. In this case I’ve designed two collages, homage to 2 awesome artists, different in a way, but they do have something in common.  Edward Hopper /Tracey Sylvester Harris.

If we’ve tickled your curiosity and sensibility you may  click here to check out all the other works by artists Tracey Sylvester Harris. Just brilliant.



Homage to Edward Hopper’s detail painting.


Homage to Tracey Sylvester Harris – #contemporary art.




T.S. Harris

T.S. Harris

T.S. Harris

T.S. Harris




martedì, luglio 25th, 2017

This is the time to introduce you, dear reader, to the work of this Russian lady living in Ukraine, her nickname is Soosh and we are blown by her amazing and delicate and poetic pencil.

Image Credit: Soosh

Image Credit: Soosh

Image Credit: Soosh

Image Credit: Soosh


Image Credit: Soosh

Image Credit: Soosh

Quilled paper*

martedì, luglio 18th, 2017

This time we are presenting a new way of working with paper: quilling!

Sena Runa is an artist in this field: look at her magic creations!

Image Credit: Sena Runa

Image Credit: Sena Runa

Image Credit: Sena Runa

Image Credit: Sena Runa

Image Credit: Sena Runa

We love… PENCILS*

giovedì, luglio 13th, 2017

As you know by now we love paper and the color blue but, well, we also love pencils! In particular we’ve recently discovered LZPENCILS that custom them! Let’s buy the all!

LZ Pencils BLUE